Sunday 29th, November, 2009

Greetings, Readers.

This is the beginning of a new season of blog postings and articles, produced here at the Bodhli-la Monastery in Sussex, England.

As monks, we have not ventured into the world of public blogging before, although some of the Brothers have shared their writings privately: our work is mostly contemplative, and uses other channels of media less publicly visible than the Internet.

But it is believed that it is right that we should present a web presence here, just as traditionally all monasteries have had some degree of interaction with the world outside the cloisters: seclusion is only a part of the monastic tradition, as different orders show differently.

Our order is not advertising itself here, and we are not even wanting to name it. What we are offering is simply the teachings and reflections that are to be found here in the monastery. The term ‘Brothers’, by the way, is in general intended to include ‘Sisters’. This is a long-standing convention, simply because in many contexts the gender distinction is insignificant – and certainly not that it is unacknowledged.

Welcome, and we hope to engage you in meaningful reflections, yourself. Thank you for reading our words.

– Brother Varid


One Response to “Welcome.”

  1. The Abbott Says:

    Hello BrotherVarid.
    Nice Web site.

    It has come to my attention that a new and very interesting political party called the Tree Party has been formed …..
    Editor’s Note: This is Natasha: The Abbott had more to say, but I thought it was important enough to put in an article in its own right, so I’ve posted it here.

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